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Our Signature Package

yourDigitalLab (YDL) is a leading full-service digital marketing agency for agent and advisors. For five years we have been working to optimize various campaigns made specifically to deliver the results you want. YDL is the trusted choice for agents and advisors looking to drive sales and leads with online marketing. Stop waiting and start growing your business with one of our customized digital marketing package.

Digital Marketing Packages

& A La Carte Services

The W.O.R.K.S. Package


Bundle 1: Essentials/one time fee


Bundle 2: Seminar Focus/per campaign


Bundle 3: Webinar Focus/per campaign fee


Bundle 4: Lead Gen Focus/per month fee


Bundle 5: Growth Basics/per month fee



Landing page – $450

Templated-Based Website – $1200

Custom Website – $3000

Social Media Promotions

Paid Ads Campaign – $500

Lead Form Campaign – $750

Social Media Organic

Social Media Basic Campaign – $600

Email Marketing


Retargeting Display